Sept 11, 2014 Praveen

Branding is your social responsibilty


The first sentence that comes to my mind is NOT “WHAT THE F*** anymore. My definition of WTF is more matured now ..




What are these? These are tools to create a brand for your services or products and also to create an image of you as an individual. And hence your posts make you a brand ambassador for your products or services unknowingly.

As many of you know, that an average Indian touches 47 brands in a day. A Vietnamese touches 11 brands and an American 106 brands. So, as a country develops, brands takes over, and brands define what we are. The brand is a thought, a thought that remains in the mind of an individual. People don’t buy products, they buy brands.

How do we create a brand?

These are the 4 most important process.

  1. We create a brand only when we have a vision. It is your social and moral responsibility to create a brand, if you think you have a quality product or a quality service to offer.
  2. When creating a brand, please ensure what you are NOT and what you cannot and should not. I personally and strongly believe that the most important ingredients while creating a brand is being honest about your product or services. Clean INPUT is a CLEAN output.
  3. Never underestimate your staff – they are the ones who deliver your brand to the world. So, ensure a brand is built in the approach towards your employee, your team.
  4. To be a winner, you have to align yourself with the winning advertising agencies who have created successful brands.

BUT above all of these, the most important and basic requirement of becoming the owner of the successful product or services… is you should make yourself worthy of your dream. Worthy of your brand.

How will you become worthy of your dream, your brand, your life you live… By living a discipline life. Love yourself, respect yourself, your body, spend time and money on yourself. Above all Live life.