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When You Follow Your Heart,
many hearts follow you.
A globetrotter, an environmental crusader, an entrepreneur with a vision of ‘GIVING LIFE TO LIVING’, and a man who believes in putting one’s heart and soul into everything one does.
“There was a thought… to align all of my energies, my passion, my dreams, and my reality into one being. I wanted to create that space which would be a blend of every aspect of me. That’s Mēraqee.”
— Praveen Agarwal

Give Wings to Imagination! 

Welcome to Mēraqee, the 5000 sq. ft showroom housing a breathtaking range of Exotic and Natural Veneers, Laminates, Decorative products, Plywoods, Logs, and many other interesting interior-related products. Discover beautiful designs and textures that transform spaces; nature’s creations that light up lives. ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’ with Mēraqee!

Our soul philosophy of ‘Giving Life To Living’ finds a new expression in ‘Mēraqee’. Taking wings, Mēraqee is about the beautiful colors of life that lift you higher. It’s also a living symbol of eco-friendliness. It’s about living with passion and following the higher tastes w.r.t. design and class.
Mēraqee looks at transforming spaces and redefining Interior Designing capabilities giving Architects, Designers, and Customers the freedom of choice and world-class products to LIVE THEIR DREAM!!

The GMS Legacy!  

Mēraqee is an alchemy of our previous ventures which is known to many as Variety Ply and GMS Interiors Private Limited. GMS has been the largest Stockist/Distributor for Green Decowood Natural Veneers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh w.r.t. quantity and range.
The rich experience of running retail outlets by the name of Variety Ply since 1999 in Ameerpet and Miyapur, and distributorship of Greenlam Laminates and Green Decowood Natura veneers has gone into making the dream of Mēraqee a reality.

Fly Through the Amazing!  

Do you need wings to fly? Find the answer at Mēraqee. Discover beautiful designs and textures that transform spaces, nature’s creations that light up lives… we have it all. What you see here is just a fleeting glimpse. Visit Mēraqee showroom to see the real wonders with your own eyes, at your leisure. We promise you, it will be an amazing and enriching experience.

Decoding the Valchromat Vitruvian  

The Vitruvian Man is a drawing by the Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci dating back to 1490. It was conceptualized by the ancient Roman Architect - Vitruvius during the 1st century BC, depicting the unique correlation of ideal human proportions with geometrical forms.

Mēraqee brings alive the genius of Leonardo da Vinci with this mind-blowing artwork created painstakingly out of 5 mm Valchromat sheets! A total of 26 layers have been individually designed and positioned as per Parametric Design formulae.


Give soul to colors!  

The Mēraqee logo has four colors adding life to the bold brush strokes in black. Each color represents a philosophy that revolves around the brand.

Yellow stands for ‘Zoe’, meaning divine life and light in Greek. We believe in the philosophy of ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’ wherein we are led by higher ideals that enrich the soul. Brand Mēraqee is much more than just products. It’s about emotional fulfillment and the creative spirit that inspires the world!

Red stands for ‘Agape’, or love for humankind in Greek. It is one of the highest forms of love which has the power to change the whole world into one peaceful family. At Mēraqee, we believe in ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’ wherein we share a unique bond with all our stakeholders. A golden everlasting bond!

Blue stands for ‘Ataraxia’, the Greek word for tranquility. It implies creating a positive sphere around oneself. Interpreted in the world of Architecture and Design, it means transforming spaces into emotional zones that exude happiness and peace. It’s when you give ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’!

Green stands for ‘Bios’, which in Greek means life. ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’ is our philosophy which means adding happiness, emotional balance, sensitivity, and beauty to life. This is made possible by our infinite range of world-class products which help Architects and Designers give life to their creations!

Open Minds  

‘Give Life To LivingTM’ at ‘Open Minds’!! We have created a special space by the name ‘Open Minds’ on the terrace of Mēraqee Showroom. Because, we believe that when we get inspired, we keep inspiring others! I would love to add value in the lives of my friends, family, fraternity, and society—living and inspiring a more conscious, meaningful, and holistic living—an everyday affair with happiness and learning. ‘Open Minds’ will be open for workshops, seminars, ideation, sales pitches, product launches, learning events, talks on various subjects, movie screenings, and evening gatherings for grown-ups and children alike.