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A globetrotter, an environmental enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a trekker, runner, cyclist, speaker, an avid reader, and always a keen learner; a man who likes to help others through unbiased suggestions, loves to discuss various topics, and lives a responsible life.
“There was a thought… to align all of my energies, my passion, my dreams, and my reality into one being. I wanted to create that space which would be a blend of every aspect of me. That’s Mēraqee.”
— Praveen Agarwal
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Our Vision 

To create truly uplifting experiences for all our stakeholders each time, by offering them personalized advice & specialized solutions with genuine care. In the process, we intend to become a global tribe of highly inspired, optimistic & responsible individuals.

Leading the Metamorphosis

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Pawan Agarwal

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Praveen Agarwal

Managing Director
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Tripty Agarwal

Creative Director
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The brand name Mēraqee comes from the Greek word: ‘Meraki’ (pronounced as may-rah-kee) which means to do something with soul and passion. To put everything of one’s life into it. The butterfly is a reminder of the beauty that is unleashed from within when we consciously choose to take the path of transformation. The four colors that make up the butterfly's wings are inspired by colors that my children have brought into my life.

Give soul to colors!  

The Mēraqee logo has four colors adding life to the bold brush strokes in black. Each color represents a philosophy that revolves around the brand.

Yellow stands for ‘Zoe’, meaning divine life and light in Greek. We believe in the philosophy of ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’ wherein we are led by higher ideals that enrich the soul. Brand Mēraqee is much more than just products. It’s about emotional fulfillment and the creative spirit that inspires the world!

Red stands for ‘Agape’, or love for humankind in Greek. It is one of the highest forms of love which has the power to change the whole world into one peaceful family. At Mēraqee, we believe in ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’ wherein we share a unique bond with all our stakeholders. A golden everlasting bond!

Blue stands for ‘Ataraxia’, the Greek word for tranquility. It implies creating a positive sphere around oneself. Interpreted in the world of Architecture and Design, it means transforming spaces into emotional zones that exude happiness and peace. It’s when you give ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’!

Green stands for ‘Bios’, which in Greek means life. ‘GIVE LIFE TO LIVING™’ is our philosophy which means adding happiness, emotional balance, sensitivity, and beauty to life. This is made possible by our infinite range of world-class products which help Architects and Designers give life to their creations!