May 15, 2014 Praveen

Leveraging our Today

Do we leverage our today for a better tomorrow?

I was driving from my home to my workplace a few days back when suddenly it started to pour. I was listening to a romantic number from the movie ‘2 States’. As rain hit the sun roof of my car, I realized that life was calling. What am I doing sitting in my car today! Working for a better tomorrow? When the weather outside is so beautiful, my 2-year little one is at home watching the rain, I’m just not able to touch a single raindrop even.

Do we not leverage our ‘today’ for a better ‘tomorrow’. And when we reach that better ‘tomorrow’ it becomes our ‘today’ and we are leveraging our ‘today’ on that day, for another better ‘tomorrow’. And the trail continues.

Can we make a conscious effort to live our ‘today’?

When we do that, we will not only leverage our today, we will also live the life of ‘others’ and ‘for others’. We miss out on what is happening in our own life and we start to live enveloped by illusion of a better tomorrow. When we can make our today possible, beautiful and content, we look beyond our own self. Thus we create a mirage of a better tomorrow. And to achieve that, we work hard, irrationally and start to compromise the ‘I, me and myself’.

My health, my desire, my hobbies, my basic requirements. We compromise everything that is achievable under the ‘my’ banner for a better tomorrow for ‘us, we, her’. It is not wrong to live an inspirational life for your loved ones, but it should not be at the cost of yourself. Where are you positioning ‘yourself’ in your dream or in the quest of your dream?

When you sit in a plane, the air hostess gives a demonstration about safety precautions to be followed in case of an emergency. Have we ever thought, why do they tell us to put on our own oxygen mask before putting it on the child beside us?

What is most important for me, may be least important for others. How I look at life is totally different from how others look at my life. Similarly, all of us have different aspirations, purposes, dreams, priorities and problems. But there is something that is common between each one of us, and that is ‘the time between our birth and death’. What you do, how you do, for whom you do, all questions for which you have a ‘justification’ holds untrue, if you, on your deathbed feel awkward to die.

It is important for us to be happy within our self, for our self and with our self first, before we pursue to make an impact on the life of our dear and near ones.

This is your life. Only your life. Live it up…!