Feb 26, 2017 Praveen

Making Customers for Lifetime

Let us DIVIDE our topic into 3 parts

  1. Part 1: MAKING
  2. Part 2: CUSTOMERS
  3. Part 3: LIFETIME

Part One of the topic: MAKING

THINK: If you want to prepare a delicious cuisine, you will make a preparation before cooking. You will arrange for material, help, utensils, etc. There is a planning stage before you execute. And if you are a beginner, you will research, spend time in finding facts, talking to the people who are already a seasoned chef in similar lines. And most important you will have a dream of serving a delicious food. The entire exercise is done because you have AN INTENT to prepare a delicious food. WITHOUT INTENT, you will not be interested in taking so much of pain or efforts before you start to prepare.

Likewise, MAKING A CUSTOMER FOR LIFETIME – calls for such an INTENT. DO YOU HAVE an intent to make a customer for Life time? You have to think.

An INTENT is more important than an action and the outcome. With a correct intent, you are always closer to your action and the outcome will be closer to your intent. So friends, foremost important thing is to have that zeal, have the intention & a dream to make a client for lifetime. If the intent is not there you cannot MAKE a customer for lifetime.

When I was a teen, I caught hold of a phrase – YOU SHOULD DESERVE TO DESIRE IT. And more or less I try to align my life around this phrase.

Now that you have an INTENT to make a customer for a lifetime, you should think if you deserve to desire it. Whether what you are dreaming of, is what you deserve. Make yourself worthy of your dreams, worthy of your desires.

Whether you are a vendor, supplier, business owner or a service provider, you have to ensure that you deserve to desire a customer to be with you for lifetime. I conclude the FIRST PART i.e., MAKING by saying that you should have an intent to make a customer for lifetime & you should deserve to desire for such a thing.

PART TWO of the topic: CUSTOMERS

Who is your customer? THINK yourself as the first customer of your business. Now that you are a customer to your own business, you will be able to evaluate both aspects in an un-biased manner. WHAT A CUSTOMER DESIRES & WHAT A BUSINESS can deliver.

Now that you have a clarity about the expectations & the deliverables, you will tend to make less of an error. You won’t make a bad product or provide a bad service because you are the first customer to your business. Remember this for a lifetime that the first customer to your business is yourself.

Friends, the cheapest & the most effective way to grow your business is through ‘word of mouth’. And when the mouth is that of your customer, you will tend to grow & nothing can stop you.

Customers are the lifeline of one’s life. Without customers nothing will exist. Why I say that? Customers creates demand. Demand creates supply. Supply creates Businesses. Business creates business owners like you. Hence, the most important element of the topic is CUSTOMER. And that is why it rests in between MAKING & LIFETIME.

PART THREE of the topic: LIFETIME.

Lifetime is a VERY VERY VERY big ask by someone & a very very very big commitment by someone. Just think, someone asks you ‘Your Lifetime’. It is such a big ask. Will you be able to commit your lifetime to anyone without an emotional connect.

Let us take a classic example of a couple. Husband & Wife. It is a lifetime connect, a lifetime commitment, a life-long of togetherness. A couple goes through all sorts of problems, challenges, happiness, etc but they don’t disconnect. They don’t dis-integrate. It is possible because of that emotional connect they share with each other. So, a lifetime desire calls for a huge commitment from both sides – husband & wife JUST LIKE between Business House & Clients.

A few pointers you must keep in mind & keep refreshing yourself with – Time & again

  1. Don’t get complacent ever. There is always a room for improvement in your product, service or after sales-service. Listen to your clients. Be aware of your surroundings. About your competitors.
  2. Be Honest to your clients. Admit if you have made a service goof-up or supplied a wrong product by mistake. Now-a-days customers are well read. And expects an ‘informed’ platform. They expect knowledge. You can demand a better pricing with honesty.
  3. Travel an extra mile with your customers. Sometimes, an off-beat talk helps in building a confidence in your customer. Customer likes to interact with decision makers. Ensure that they know you & know how to reach you.
  4. Make the business environment a happy place. Your employees are your face. And I am sure you want your face to be admired. Loved. A smiling face is always welcoming.
  5. Get your business process & guidelines audited by a third party or a consultant every 3 – 5 years. This will help you to understand your business better & also improve the process.