Dec 18, 2019 Praveen

The Everest in me - D Day!

On 17-Nov-2019 we left Lubuche early morning to reach Gorakhchep, which happens to be the last habitable camping point before EBC. Gorakhchep stands tall at 5140 m.

We were all pumped up for our trek to Gorakhchep. This was the day for which we had worked through all those months of grueling training, planning and finally, trekking through some extremely testing conditions. All kinds of emotions ambushed us – How were we going to feel after reaching the top? What would be our reaction when we saw our flags fluttering on top of EBC?

While the surge of emotions and energy captured us, there was also a sense of calmness among all. The journey right before you reach your destination is always one of the most fulfilling ones. We reached Gorakhchep at about 11am and were asked to immediately leave for EBC keeping our luggage behind.


I packed my bag and grabbed our Indian flag, apart from the other flags and posters we had got. All of a sudden, we were preparing ourselves for the moment when we would reach EBC – our long awaited destination!

In that moment I realized how important it is to prepare yourself for the moment of success. We all rush through lives minutely planning and strategizing for a desirable goal, chasing some end point; but how much do we plan for celebrating the small and big wins of life?

Once you become successful in life, a responsible and inspiring behavior adds real value to the entire experience!

Often the vision of the desired destination and the process involved in preparing for the celebration, also fuel your success.

Even before the trek started, I had made special messages on various brand flags for Young Indians and Meraqee. I had envisioned to uphold these messages and record the event for myself, my family and my brand.

After ensuring that my phone is fully charged for taking pictures, we took off for EBC.


This time the terrain was not too challenging, but we needed to follow a disciplined, narrow walk because of the steep and rocky tracks.

We were already very tired and this stretch spanning 2.5 hours would take a lot of toll on our body. But then, we knew that this was the last mile. The trek so far had been a struggle some ascend, and surprisingly, to reach EBC we had to descend. We climbed down to reach EBC which was in a valley.

I realized that sometimes nature wants you do bend down, become humble so as to embrace your success – EBC was teaching us just that!

The mountains have so many lessons in store for you. You climb through tough terrain, going up and down, and all the while everything around you is teaching you something. But it really comes down to the individual; you either take note of it, or carry on with your itinerary, ignoring it all.

To understand the real essence of your journey, take a pause - reflect, introspect and spend some time with yourself - you will soon find the right reasons for whatever it is you are doing!

Walking through this last stretch to EBC, I was trying to make meaning out of everything we encountered. I was enjoying the process of decoding myself, connecting with my deepest emotions and anticipating what life has in store for me.

This turned out to be the most fulfilling part of our entire journey – a journey with myself. Soon, we were in front of her – our destination – EBC!

We reached EBC by around 2.30pm. It was beautiful – and we knew that it wasn’t the place, but the feeling it left us with, that made it totally beautiful. Suddenly, we found ourselves singing our National Anthem – a proud moment for all of us.


Once we reached, we were taken aback to note that you cannot see Mount Everest from EBC. Sometimes, when you reach your long awaited destination, you might find that it does not look and feel like you had imagined all along.

But you can still enjoy it, for it is that which you have worked tirelessly for. And it nudges you further to ask yourself – WHAT NEXT?

This is the beauty of life; of human nature. We don’t stay at a single point, with a single thought or goal in mind. Once we achieve something, we seek our next goal.

It’s in our nature - to keep expanding beyond our present circumstances and mindsets; to keep enriching ourselves with newer experiences.

At this point, Robert Frost’s poem – The Road Not Taken, made its appearance in my mind. Such a beautiful piece of literature and totally befitting our journey.

At the time we reached EBC, it was a bit crowded, and so we decided to stay back longer.

We were unable to grasp what we had just conquered. This will become a talk for a lifetime. There will always be other challenges, but this one will always hold a special spot. Because we all did something we hadn’t dreamt or prepared ourselves for. We were not professional trekkers or mountaineers; just regular businessmen full of passion and love.

We had set out 8-9 months back and finally met ourselves here. We were hugging each other and talking wildly, still unable to grasp the event.

The last video I shot was for my family, wife, daughters when there was no one else left at EBC. I was just trying to enjoy the moment by staying there and taking as much in as possible. We had to get to Gorakhchep before it got dark. We could not walk on the narrow ridges post light. Around 3.30, we left EBC.

On reaching, we sipped some hot lemon honey water, our constant accompaniment. We all grateful for all the beautiful and enriching moments that the day had to offer.

In the end, I would like to thank my stars, my well-wishers, family and friends, my daughters, dad and so many people who believed in me and inspired me throughout. So grateful that I had an opportunity that I could live up to!