Jan 7, 2020 Praveen

The Everest in me - The Conclusion

Every journey starts with a destination in mind, but I realize that more than the destination, the realizations and the lessons drawn from them are more important.

So, in conclusion, I will talk about how EBC has changed the course of my life and the vital lessons its imparted me.

Should We Take the Road Less Travelled?

EBC has certainly reaffirmed my belief in the poem – The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost. Although I read the poem as a child, I still find myself quoting it whenever I get an opportunity with people around me.

A para in this poem says:

And both that morning that equally lay, in leaves that morning had trodden black,

Oh I kept the first for another day, yet knowing how it leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back, I shall be telling this with a shy,

Ages and ages hence,

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the road less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference…

So, should you fear taking the road less travelled? And knowing very well that you will not have the chance to turn back and choose the other path? In fact, the road that you take today, will soon diverge into 2 new roads as you move forward.

As a trekker when we took up the task of climbing EBC, we didn’t know how it would shape up. But then, we were happy with just the fact that we had chosen a road less travelled. The thrill and pride that it instills within you, gives you enough confidence to test yourself against much larger challenges in the future.

What Lies Ahead

EBC left us with an extreme sense of pride and joy – something totally inexplicable. I soon realized that we can experience this in our day to day activities; in all the smaller and bigger achievements.

But it’s very important that we find our own EBC – something that is challenging, fulfilling and deep rooted in you, and not fed in by society or the people around you.

No one can take away the feeling that EBC has left inside us. It’s something so deep and well connected with our body and mind.

The road ahead is still as uncertain as it was when we took off for EBC. But one thing is for sure; it’s going to be EXCITING!

On a side note, I have taken up the #100bookschallenge which as the name suggests, needs me to complete reading 100 books in 2020.

Why I took up the 100 Books Challenge?

I have never been a book reader, nor a die-hard book lover. But I realized that it’s very important that,

as I make by body fitter, my mind need to get even more fit. A fit body and a fit mind work better in combination.

This is the reason to take up the challenge.

This means, every week I need to be able to read 2 books. After EBC if there could be anything more challenging, its this. And I would do everything in my power to meet this challenge.

While EBC is behind us, it’s instilled a confidence within me that if I could successfully complete such a gruesome trek, I could at least attempt a challenge like this. How it unfolds, is not something I am certain about. And while EBC put us through the same uncertainty, me being open for the challenge allowed things to unfold most beautifully. And so I know that all I need to do is be open to this one too.

Change for Good

Some changes that I underwent through the past few years might not be visible on the outside and only obvious to my near ones. But they certainly have shifted me at some level. I have been inching towards Minimalism for the past 2 years and EBC sure has nudged me further in that direction.

I feel more responsible as an individual towards my society, my government and my fellow countrymen. There are times when I still make certain mistakes due to various practical reasons, and as I write this, I continue to make them. And I acknowledge that. But I love to see myself evolving as the days pass by. This magic of EBC will always remain with me and inspire me to do something beyond me. EBC has also enriched my perspective for my business and profession too. This will spiral into my approach towards my brand.

The learning curve of EBC is magical and for 2020 and forward, I would love to explore and challenge myself in areas that I haven’t learnt or done before. For 2020 I have many things on my mind. Apart from reading 100 books, I am looking forward to learning swimming, a bit of golf, a bit of sports like football and cricket.

If you would like to connect with me for any queries, I am always available. I love to connect and collaborate and get inspired by others. Even if you would like a coffee discussion on any topic I would be obliged to do that and in the process learn from your experience. Please feel free to drop me a note and we can connect from there.