Dec 5, 2019 Praveen

The Everest in me - The Preparation

Everest Base Camp was to be one grueling experience and Satyarup made it amply clear that it cannot be done without the RIGHT PREPARATIONS!

This 2nd article in the series of 5, will sum up all that went into preparing myself for this extraordinary event called EBC, and those crucial learnings that have redirected my convictions as a business leader.

The Seeds Were Sown

This not only called for getting into a much better physical state, but more so, training my mind to respond to challenges much differently. We successfully summited EBC on 17th Nov 2019; however, I track back to my first mental preparation way back in Dec 2018, when I met a nutritionist who advised me on conscious eating. This was before I even took up the goal of EBC, which was roughly around Feb 2019. But subconsciously, this conversation had sown the seeds of a healthy lifestyle in me. Looking back I realize that when you subconsciously commit to changing your life, the aura of the universe starts shaping events to make things work. In essence, EBC was a product of this realization; my Karma was manifesting before my eyes.

Once we signed up for EBC, we were told we had 6-8 months in hand, but we all know how fast those could fly. We would not be in prep mode consistently throughout those 8 months. We would see many peaks and valleys all through this phase.

The First Steps

The last time I entered a gym was roughly 15 years back. Although alien to this new routine, it was a necessary pointer towards our upcoming goal. I also sold my car, my favorite Audi Q5, knowing well that this will leave me no option but to commute using more unconventional, healthier modes.

I realized, to do something different, I needed a different mindset. EBC is not one of those common life occurrences – It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event! It required a new mindset. One such change was ‘minimalistic living’. I swapped my laptop for a desktop, because it had started straining my back. The convenience of being able to operate it anywhere, had me working past work hours, even back home. With this change, I didn’t leave myself a choice. If I had to do any work on the computer, I had to get to office! Discipline had started kicking in.

Choice Over Chance

Selling my car opened up new avenues for travel. I started using the metro more often. Hyderabad Metros had been operational for over 2 years and yet, my comfort zone had me stay put in my old commute routine. I started walking between my office and home. A friend lend me his bicycle which really opened me up to commuting through the city – something I had never imagined I would do. I started doing a lot of things outside my regular habits. Initially, all these were a challenge, but because the cause was clear to me, it didn’t bother me for long. This also made me realize how difficult the daily commute is for the common man, especially on roads. They are not just inconvenient due to their sorry state, but also disturbingly unsafe.

Fresh Mindset

EBC was to be challenging, so I soon started testing myself in my day to day activities. I took my backpack to office every day. I started wearing my trekking shoes for almost every occasion. The last 2 months up to EBC, I wore it to work, at home, social evenings – you name it! And there wasn’t the slightest hint of social stigma or apprehension in me. I was truly living up to my purpose and my intent was right – that was good enough for me. I was no longer worried about what the society, friends or family thought about it. In my mind, EBC had assumed the shape of a mission.

I started taking stairs in the form of lunges – 2 steps at a time. This prepared me for more incline lunges during the EBC trek. Even after coming back from the gym, I wouldn’t skip the stairs. Our 5th floor house allowed me enough calorie burning climbs. I soon started enjoying this.

I started bringing the feeling of being healthy in my daily routines.

So, healthy living habits became an integral part of everything, from work, friends, family and all my social activities. I realized that after coming out of my comfort zone, I began seeing a new world altogether. Which I would never have seen if I stayed put. I wouldn’t even experience the joy of waking between office and home or wearing my trekking shoes to a social party. The kind of adrenaline rush it gives you is simply amazing. I was constantly preparing myself for something larger than me.

Upsets And Comebacks

When Hyderabad was grappling with dengue, I was left unwell for a month. But my body was resilient against the dropping platelet counts. I was even diagnosed with vertigo and moved to an ICU for 2 days. Later, I started my recovery process over 10-15 days. After a month, I had a business travel to Abu Dhabi. It’s a world of Ferraris and adventure sports, including sky free fall. I knew that I was diagnosed with vertigo recently and I had the EBC coming up in a couple of months, so I was naturally scared to do it. But I was determined to test my body against the challenge. EBC demanded a stronger mind, over a strong body. So, I was fighting against my logical mind which said I shouldn’t do this. Deep down, I knew that my intent was right, so I did it. And I was on top of the world! This gave me the much needed confidence that I could complete EBC successfully.

It taught me that clarity of purpose is very crucial for you to be able to stay on the course.

The most important thing is that your dream is your own.

You shape it and feed it for yourself, not for the society or your family. Once you commit to your dreams, you are sure to keep others happy, including your family and society. You will be more responsible towards both of them.

EBC was not a planned decision. I was committed to Meraqee’s mission – Give Life to Living ™ and that’s what led me to EBC. I don’t know what’s next in store for me, but EBC taught me that life is much more beautiful once you step out of your comforts. EBC has really prepared me, not only for the summit, but for life!