The Everest in me - The Idea


PART 1 - THE IDEAIt was Satyarup Siddhanta who first triggered the idea in me; a small spark which soon took the form of a burning desire. But the real trigger was not Satya himself, rather ‘what led me to him’!It was not an event that came walking toward me, nor was it a result of a chance meeting. He was an outcome of my conscious and constant attempts to expose myself to the world outside my own. Once I started opening myself up to new experiences and newer people, I invariably started inviting a blizzard of ideas into my life. Most of us restrict ourselves to our confined boundaries – My Family, My Business, My Comfort Zone; everything that belittles us, starts with the word ‘My’. These boundaries also restrict us from having a fresh take at life, something that stalls our Growth, the very purpose of our living (This is where the slogan for our brand, Merqee fits perfectly - Give Life to Living!™).I used to keep myself open to venturing out into seminars, exhibitions, meetings with inspirational personalities etc. and soon I found find their inspiring stories rubbing off me.Insights happen when fragments of ideas come together and become whole and purposeful. Such people and events soon opened up a doorway of insights for me.A friend told me about Satyarup Siddhanta, who was attempting a unique Guinness World Record - to become the youngest to claim all 7 summits of the world. Although, with no apparent business or life connections, just the idea of meeting someone so inspiring nudged me into calling him. Over Satya’s next visit to Hyderabad, we aligned our schedules and met up. He told me about his success, failures and his journey so far, which truly touched me. I now realize that this was the point when the seeds of EBC were first sown in me.Sometimes, we stay glued to our closed business circuits, our industry, our processes and management styles, unwilling to move outside this domain. There could be a BIG opportunity, insight or learning outside these confined business circles, but getting to them needs you to expand beyond them.Take out time, not only for your business, but for life itself. With this time, learn and create some experiences.Experience is the only thing that will remain with you; they will eventually become a beautiful narrative of YOUR STORY. Nudge yourself out of your day to day activities, your comfort zone; take time out for reading, walking, anything that pushes you to do more, and falls outside your current routine. Remember, newer people bring newer opportunities.I always wanted to explore the unknown and go beyond my present experiences. I am still in pursuit of these experiences, still trying to know myself better. And EBC has certainly leapfrogged me in this journey!