Our Mision

"We are a growing tribe of open minded individuals seeking inspirations & uplifting experiences through travel. We explore the world outside, so we can connect with the world inside."

Travel with Mēraqee... It's all about exploring our world and discovering our inner self within the journey. It's about enjoying life to the fullest.

The concept of Travel with Mēraqee is to build lifelong bonds with our prime stakeholders - our fraternity of Architects, Designers, Engineers, Distributors and Dealers. Life is so much more than business, when we develop a strong relationship and understanding.

Yes, Travel with Mēraqee opens your mind to living life in a new way, far, far away from the everyday routine. Travel to exotic destinations like Germany, Italy, Paris, and Portugal. Every journey encompasses a unique mix of fun and learning. From factory visits to attending prestigious international seminars and exhibitions to discovering a new country, culture, and cuisine, it's super exciting.

And, if you are keen on adventure, you can go for once-in-a-lifetime trips like a journey to the foothills of the Himalayas - yes Everest Basecamp!!

Make some time for yourself to travel and 'GIVE LIFE TO LIVING'.

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