The Everest in me - The Preparation


Everest Base Camp was to be one grueling experience and Satyarup made it amply clear that it cannot be done without the RIGHT PREPARATIONS!

This 2nd article in the series of 5, will sum up all that went into preparing myself for this extraordinary event called EBC, and those crucial learnings that have redirected my convictions as a business leader.

The Seeds Were Sown

This not only called for getting into a much better physical state, but more so, training my mind to respond to challenges much differently. We successfully summited EBC on 17th Nov 2019; however, I track back to my first mental preparation way back in Dec 2018, when I met a nutritionist who advised me on conscious eating. This was before I even took up the goal of EBC, which was roughly around Feb 2019. But subconsciously, this conversation had sown the seeds of a healthy lifestyle in me. Looking back I realize that when you subconsciously commit to changing your life, the aura of the universe starts shaping events to make things work. In essence, EBC was a product of this realization; my Karma was manifesting before my eyes.

Once we signed up for EBC, we were told we had 6-8 months in hand, but we all know how fast those could fly. We would not be in prep mode consistently throughout those 8 months. We would see many peaks and valleys all through this phase.